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Certified Hand Therapy

What is Hand Therapy?

Certified Hand Therapy addresses injuries and conditions of the entire upper limb: the hand, wrist, elbow & shoulder. ​

Certified Hand Therapists (CHT) are occupational or physical therapists with specialized training in the treatment of upper extremity conditions. 

CHTs work closely with physicians and clients to provide specialized assessment, treatment, and preventative care.

How Can Certified Hand Therapy Treatment Help You?

Speciality Conditions Treated

Custom Treatment Modalities

  • Amputations

  • Arthritis

  • Burns & frostbite

  • Carpal tunnel & other nerve entrapment disorders

  • Complex regional pain syndrome/ RSD

  • Fractures

  • Post operative care

  • Repetitive motion syndromes

  • Tendon & nerve injuries

  • Tennis elbow & tendonitis

  • Traumatic / sports injuries

  • Wound care

  • Other upper extremity conditions

  • Range of motion & strengthening exercises

  • Control of swelling

  • Moist heat & cold therapy

  • Neuromuscular re-education

  • Ultrasound, Iontophoresis & electrical stimulation

  • Scar & soft tissue massage / Graston Technique®

  • Desensitization & sensory re-education

  • Customized orthosis fabrication (splinting)

  • Joint protection education

  • Ergonomic education

  • Adaptive equipment training

  • Hands on manual therapy techniques

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