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The Neufit System

Our leading edge techniques and technology will activate your nervous system to work for you. When your neurology works better, your whole body works better. This boost gives you the greatest possible opportunity to achieve your highest outcomes in health, fitness, and performance. 
Heal Faster

We can find exactly where your weak links are that allowed your body to become compromised in the first place. By improving these areas, the body is supported to maximally engage its healing processes.

Get Fitter

With Neufit, one exercise session works your muscle as much as several traditional gym workouts. Your muscles and metabolic rate will adapt accordingly, and your results are dramatically accelerated.

Perform Better

Our system is so stimulating that it causes your whole nervous system to work better. As your bandwidth and processing speeds increase, so too will your strength, speed, and precision of movement.


The NEUBIE Device

The NEUBIE: The Ultimate in Neuromuscular Re-education

Neuro Biological Electrical Stimulation also known as the NEUBIE System is changing the PT game. It's the next generation of therapy that can scan your body, identify where there's a break in the connection between the muscles and nerves and then fix the body unlike anything you've ever experienced in PT. By investing the best technology on the planet, this PT Practice helps our patients get better faster. Less than 1% of the clinics in North America offer this ground breaking technology. 

What Sets The NEUBIE Apart:

The Nervous System is Key: It controls every single function in our body. The NEUBIE is able to tap into the nervous system with laser accuracy. 

Your Physical Therapist can immediately and positively affect the disconnect between your nervous system and muscles, bringing your body back into a balanced, pain-free state,


How the NEUBIE Works: It uses pulsed directed current (DC) as opposed to alternating current (AC)  with unique effects on the body's tissues to promote healing and unique effects on the nervous system that help practitioners create correct communication signals. This often breaks down years or decades of dysfunction in just a few sessions. 

Using DC has numerous, positive biological effects. DC fields have been shown to accelerate the body's own physiological process of healing, repair, and regeneration and to have unique effects on the nervous/neuromuscular system. 

Treatments with NEUBIE are active rather than passive. Traditional e-stim treatments have patients lying down, passively accepting the current and not moving. In contrast, the DC signal protocols actually require movement, resulting in lasting positive changes in Neuromotor pathways. This allows for optimal , eccentric contractions, which has be proven to be a major factor in effective rehabilitation.  

How The

NEUBIE Device Works

Mapping (with 100% accuracy)

The key first step to getting game-changing results with the NEUBIE is to identify specific areas where there is a disconnect between the nerves and the muscles.

Treatment (you move, you improve)

The NEUBIE varies from other e-stim therapy in that you must perform functional movements during treatment. This reprograms the nervous system.  

Success (automatic and immediate)

Once the neuromuscular re-education is performed with the NEUBIE, most patient conditions note significant improvement in only 1-4 sessions.  

Lasting Relief (restored function)

The NEUBIE's ability to reprogram the connection between the nerves and muscles helps the nervous system function properly with lasting relief. 

Importance of Post-NEUBIE Recovery 

Working with the NEUBIE is a powerful experience! Training with the NeuFit System often challenges your muscles more than traditional resistance training, providing similar levels of muscle load as if you had lifted much heavier weights. As you recover from this treatment or training location, we wanted to share a few important strategies that are going to help maximize your recovery, keep you safe, and improve the outcomes of your NeuFit experience. 


Your NeuFit session burned more calories and stressed more muscle tissue than a standard therapy session or gym workout. Your body needs time to replenish that energy and rebuild its muscles and other tissues. Please consider limiting other intense training for the next 24-48 hours. 


Clean water helps flush our systems of waste products and other toxins, yet many people go through life dehydrated - causing tiredness, low energy, and reduced performance. Dehydration also impaires the body's ability to recover from training, so we urge you to drink at least 1 oz of water per a pound of body weight on the day of your Neufit session and again the day after.   


Nutrient-rich food gives you energy to keep your heart beating, your brain active, and your muscles working. Nutrients from food also provide the raw materials to rebuild and strengthen your bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, so that you come back stronger for your next session.


Though we all like to indulge sometimes, alcohol impairs your ability to recover from your workouts. It can be dehydrating, taxes your organs, and has been shown to inhibit protein synthesis by 20%. Limiting your alcohol consumption will allow you to stay hydrated and recover quicker so more of that workout will actually go towards healing an injury or rebuilding your muscles! 

*All information on this page is from NeuFit and NeuPTech

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