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On-Site Injury Prevention and Ergonomic Services

A Physical Therapist with ergonomic training can work with you to forensically "drill down" to find the cause of present problems to decrease and prevent work place injuries.




Ergonomist is the study of the interaction of job tasks on the human body.

An Ergonomist is a professional engineering specialist who works to set up work stations and tasks to fit as much of the population as possible.

A Physical Therapist, (PT), is a licensed health care professional who evaluates and treats people with health problems resulting from injury or disease. PTs assess  joint, motion, muscle strength and endurance, function of the heart and lungs, and performance of activities required in daily living, among other responsibilities. 

A Physical Therapist with ergonomic train is a the best of both worlds. Licensed PTs  studying and applying the above principles in light of extensive training in a musculoskeletal pathology and treatment.

We have experience with:

  • Office Setting

  • Industrial Settings

  • Production/Assembly

  • Greenhouse/Plant nurseries

"Buy our time" and utilize an Industrial Physical Therapist to help keep your costs down.

We partner with workplaces to provide cost effective injury prevention services. The benefits of our services range from ensuring that new hires are fit for the demands of the job to substantially decreasing worker compensation injuries. 

Let us know if you or your clinic would like more information about our services.

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