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Get back to doing the things you love, whether it is sports, hiking, or chasing the grandkids. Your treatment will be designed for you, with your goals in mind.

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Our Mission

Being a healthcare provider is a privilege. Chehalem Physical Therapy strives to utilize expert clinicians and state of art equipment to provide a safe and compassionate environment for you, our patient, to live life to the fullest. We strive to collaborate with your health care team to provide tailored treatment for your unique healing needs.

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Our Services

Leg Injury
Construction Worker
Hand Massage
Weight Lifting

Treatment Services

Injured Workers

Certified Hand Therapy

Gym & Fitness

From sports injuries to rehabilitation after surgery, our therapists are skilled in all areas of outpatient orthopedics.

Additionally, our therapists hold advanced certifications in pelvic rehabilitation and lymphedema therapy.

Our therapists are experienced in rehabilitating the injured worker. We have advanced training in work place ergonomic assessment to identify cause and prevent injuries.

Certified Hand Therapy addresses issues with the entire upper limb: hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Our spacious 4,000 sq ft gym allows patients and community members a safe place to exercise.

Furthermore, we are a participant of the SilverFit and SilverSneakers programs.

We Listen. We Treat. You Heal. 

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Experience Top Notch Care

Your treatment will always be tailored to your goals and healthcare needs. We will match you with a team of therapists that specializes in your area of need to optimize your outcome.


Go Out and Do What You Love Symptom Free

Whether it’s sports, hiking, or chasing after the grandkids; we want you to enjoy the activities that you enjoy safely and painfree.

I had a total knee replacement surgery on August 2nd. That event was immediately followed up with physical therapy beginning on August 8th. Bud worked with me twice weekly, during the month of August, to regain strength, balance, and range of motion. By August 30th, I had significantly improved on those three goals. I was able to go up and down stairs without the use of a handrail. I say that just to "demonstrate" how quickly Bud got me back to near full mobility.

Everything about Chehalem Physical Therapy was top notch. From the front desk staff to the therapists and technicians who deliver the care, team work was evident throughout the process. Thank you, Bud, and the staff at Chehalem Physical Therapy for the exemplary, professional, and skillful care I received. I would highly recommend your services to all who ask.

- Gil, Newberg, OR

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