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Information for Patients:

Beyond physical therapy... tools for success to lessen risk of re-injury

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Information for Providers

Patient's recovery, testing & ergonomics specific to each patient's task


A cutting edge specialty rehabilitation program developed by Bud Herigstad, PTCEAS, from Newberg, OR. The program was developed to help injured workers & motor vehicle accident victims return to work, faster & more efficiently while minimizing risk of re-injury. 

It is also a tool for physicians as they coordinate their patient's workman's compensation & motor vehicle claims, as it can provide detailed medical documentation on patient's strength & task limitations, including tasks specific to their job. This program allows the referring provider to select the services needed. It is customizable to patient's injuries and the tasks they need to safely return to their particular job.

Our Method

 Bud Herigstad, PT, CEAS, is a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist trained in industrial rehabilitation & ergonomic intervention strategies. He utilizes an approach to treat, rehabilitate & problem solve challenging job tasks.

  • Job task simulations (individual to each patient) can be used in order to acclimate each individual; this helps to strengthen & build endurance for challenging tasks safely.

  • Ergonomic solutions can be provided to help increase safety & minimize future injuries.

  • Additionally, Chehalem Physical Therapy offers a full rehab gym for patients as they work toward independence.  ​

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What We Need

Our clinic needs needs information from referring providers, as well as  authorization from the insurance company before we can treat and provide these services.

Our office needs:

  •  Insurance & Adjuster 

  •  Claim Number

  •  Date of Injury

  •  Referring Physician's orders 

Our priority is to synchronize... 

   1)  The worker to the task: 

Through treatment, work conditioning, and functional testing with JTECH® technology.

   2)  The task to the worker:

Through ergonomic intervention & creative solutions to support patient's return to work, while minimizing risk of re-injury.



Beyond physical therapy, tools for success to lessen risk of re-injury

Your recovery is our focus
  • Our goal is to get you back to work safely. 


  • We can provide treatment as well rehab exercises tailored to your specific needs. With a combination of specific exercises based off of your particular injury, and created for your dynamic movement needs.


  • If you have questions or concerns about difficult job tasks, let your therapist and referring provider know. We specialize in providing ergonomic solutions to take strain off your body and help prevent re-injury.

  • As a current patient you have free access to our facility's gym. 

  • We work with your referring provider and insurance.




Patient's recovery, testing & ergonomics specific to each patient's task

Services to be selected by patient's referring provider

A PDF is available for quick use & reference. It provides more details for services. 

  • Evaluate & Treat the injury

  • Work Conditioning / Simulation (Requires 45-90 min rehab sessions)

  • Ergonomic Assessment (Requires 1-4 hours) 

  • Work Capacity Evaluations (WCE) (Requires 4+ hours)

  • Physical Capacity Evaluation (PCE), Level 1 (Requires 30-45 min)

  • Physical Capacity Evaluation (PCE), Level 2 (Requires 2+ hours)

  • Other Requested Service (Per Provider): ______________________ 


Let us know if your clinic would like more info or materials about our services

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