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Bud is a Physical Therapist and the owner of Chehalem Physical Therapy. He grew up in the Chehalem Valley, loving the warm, neighborly community. Bud graduated from Newberg High School. He then attended Oregon State University where he earned his bachelor's in science in 1981. He went on to earn his physical therapy degree from Pacific University in 1986. 


Bud is known for his listening skills and gentle, effective approach to healing. After completing his training, he worked 10 years as an outpatient therapist in Newberg, before starting his own physical therapy clinic in 1996.

Bud is a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS™) who enjoys Ergonomic "Trouble Shooting" for patients. It involves solving pain issues in work related activities or other repetitive positions. As a therapist he enjoys the challenge of discovering the source of the pain and redesigning the patient's work station, movements or posture. The modifications help the motion work with the patient's body, rather than against it. His training and years of experience have helped him successfully rehabilitate countless patients with work related injuries. 

Bud is known for his expertise in manual therapies. He has been certified in the Graston Technique®  method of soft tissue mobilization. Additionally, he has specialized training for functional post-op sub-acute rehabilitation (inpatient clinical settings: working with patients after surgery or other procedures).


In 1996, Bud opened Chehalem Physical Therapy with the desire to offer the community a new style of therapy clinic—one which supported the therapists, and in doing so produced a higher quality of care for the patients. Bud’s treatment philosophy is that patients are each unique and deserve treatment based on their own body and individual needs.


His therapists bring their individual strengths together and use a team approach to challenging treatments. Yet unlike traditional therapy clinics, patients at Chehalem Physical Therapy are connected to the therapist (or two) who can best meet the patient’s need, rather than a different therapist for each appointment.  

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Serving the Yamhill County & surrounding areas with physical therapy & rehabilitation since 1996.

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